“Family Dinner”

Family DinnerA hidden treasure of time can be found in many homes throughout our community.  That treasure is meal time. I recall growing up and the many stories that were told, experiences shared and relationships developed all during a meal time. Every evening our family sat down together for dinner. And of course, how could I forget the special Sunday eggs and toast! As I have grown older I have realized that for most families it is difficult to have one meal a day together a week. If we do we sit at the table we are fighting the hand held electrical devise, TV, or everyone eating in their rooms. This time can be a treasure if prioritized and made routine in a household.

Here are a few things that some families have done to prioritize meal time: Some families schedule 3 nights a week without compromise when everyone is together. Meanwhile other families have established a no technology zone during meal times. One of my favorites is the “everyone gets to share 10 minutes of their day” while the parent is the moderator.  A family can do one or all of them, but whatever method they choose it is amazing what one can learn during meal times and how family values can be passed on.

Take time out of the business of life and schedule a creative dinner time where as a family unit you can experience real life engaging one another, encouraging one another and empowering one another. I can recall a man who inherited a coin collection.  He didn’t know what it was worth so he took it to a change machine and turned the coins into cash. He later found out that the collection was worth thousands of dollars but he only got $32 dollars. He didn’t realize that what he had was so valuable.  Take time and treasure your time together.


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