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  • Blast from the KidsLIFE Past…..

    Here is a blast from the children’s ¬†ministry past. This was so much fun and such a blessing.  

  • “Watch what you post”

    As a parent I have tried to establish a strong and healthy relationship with my children with a key component being communication. This past week at a family event we jokingly discussed the things that our children will do that many times we will not know about until after the fact. Even though we may […]

  • “Bullying”


      This week I learned a new practical tool for dealing with bullies. I have used it with with my kids and other children I work with. It helps children cope with the verbal abuse that others can put on them. It also teaches children a new way to deal with conflict. As parents we […]

  • The Fingerprint of God

    My wife’s professor posted this video for for her class to watch while we were studying Fibonacci’s numbers. Take a few moments and watch it. It is so amazing. Fibonacci numbers – The Fingerprint of God Still more evidence of the genius of our Grand Creator, Jehovah. How¬†