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Welcome to our site we are passionate about God,  family, and helping other see their full potential in Christ. Our passion for God is developed everyday as we walk out this journey with Him. Our desire is to serve Him and fulfill His purposes for our lives. Our passions for family is developed as we intentionally pursue God as a unit and apply healthy practices to develop our relationship with one another. Our passion for others in and out of the church is developed every day as we prioritize developing authentic relationships. Since 1995 my family and I have ministered in the inner city, suburbia, and rural areas.All this diversity in ministry has shown us that the church really is the hope in the world today. The church must be a healthy authentic community so that we can help people discover who they are in Christ, develop their faith, and help them to practically demonstrate what it means to be a believer in Jesus Christ. Our hope is that this site is a resource to build and strengthen your life and family.

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