“Timing is Everything”

6“Humble  yourselves, therefore, under the mighty hand  of God, so that He may exalt you at the proper time,” (1Peter 5:6 HCSB)

There is a popular saying that I have heard over the years. It is “God, helps those who help themselves.” This quote in meaning states that you have to get things started and as you go God will help you. Though there is some truth to this saying I believe it is misconstrued by many. The idea that no matter what the task or objective you partake in God will help you is not in essence accurate. There are things that God in His love will not help you in especially if it contrary to what he has called you to do. He will also not help you if it is contrary to His nature. I believe a key element to receiving the help of all mighty God can be found in today’s text. There we read that if we humble ourselves before God, He will lift you up in His time. “Humility”, the lowering of ourselves, our wants, desires, goals, ambitions and surrendering them to God.  Opening ourselves to His leading and work. This opens the doors for revelation, direction, and revolution. Another key element is understanding, it comes in “His timing”. This can be such a struggle, because we can be so impatient trying to make things happen opening the door to frustration and weariness. Even so, to be patient and allow relationship with God and a sensitivity to His Spirit to develop helps us resist these temptations. To be content and know that his divine purpose and plan for you will be fulfilled in His time as we humble ourselves before Him and pursue our relationship with Him.

Where ever you find yourself today seek, submit and surrender your ambitions, goals, and desires before God. Listen to His leading and be still before God and He will help you.


Pastor Dave


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