“The Most Important Skill in Life”

Like a blacksmith pounding away at a piece of raw metal with the purpose of forging and forming a masterpiece, so we also need to work diligently at strengthening our communication skills. Have you ever found yourself talking to someone on the phone and it seems as though they have not heard one word you said. Sure they reply with an “uh huh”, a “sure”, but in reality they are distracted with their surroundings. It’s even worse when you are in the same room with someone, having a conversation, or sharing your heart and the TV, iPod, or computer has become the tool of distraction. How do we change these bad habits? If we are truly honest we all struggle with this in some way.  To start, begin by turning off all the distractions, stop what you are doing and engage in the conversation with your loved one. If the distraction happens to be your children, then set aside a time when the children are playing or asleep, and have a time of open communication.  One of my favorite quotes was found in a book that I originally read 17 years ago, and it still stands true today.    

“Couples must devote themselves to talking – about anything and everything – important things, mundane things, pleasant things, disturbing things. Romance begins with knowledge of one another, and the key to knowledge is open, honest, consistent communication. Therefore, learning to communicate is the most important skill in life and is necessary to succeed in any relationship. Communication is shared meaning – shared understanding.” (Petersen, J. Allen; Before you Marry)    


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