Nerves, tension, heart rate elevated, sweating a bit, and trying to find the words to say. As the mind is consumed with romantic thoughts of everything you want to do to bless that special person that you admire and love. You think to yourself “This has to work, it always works in the movies, and when my dad romances my mom it always work for them.” As you show your romantic expression there is a mix response. At first the expression of thanks and appreciation is prevalent, but our expectation sometimes is not always met. The receiver might have enjoyed the present, but somehow our idea of what was going to happen just wasn’t what happened. As a young man in college I remember times when I considered romance to be all about setting the mood, buying flowers, gifts, and everything that went into what Hollywood would tell you romance is. After I got married I learned that those things were o.k., but it does very little to help my wife feel loved, valued, and appreciated. Ask your spouse today to define how they view romance, their response may surprise you. Talk about it, listen and don’t get offended by what you hear. Value your spouse’s opinion and strengthen your relationship.


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