“No Reputation”

2“but made Himself of no reputation, taking the form of a bondservant, and coming in the likeness of men.” (Phil 2:7 NKJ)

Our reputation is something that most people care about. Whether its in the community we live in, our places of employment or our homes. We want to be viewed a certain way and respected. Even though our reputation is usually judged by others we place value in it. As I was reading Philippians 2:7 I started pondering how Jesus went from royalty to the role of man. Creator becoming creation to save us all. It is truly incomprehensible. I think of others in the scriptures who attempted to do great things but their concern for their own reputation or the judgment of others held them back. One passage stands out to me the most and that it that of Saul. Gods Anointed who became more consumed with position and the people that he lost Gods anointing and purpose. Jesus stepped down from His royal throne, was born in a manger, lived a meager life, growing up experiencing all that man experiences, and overcoming this life (see Heb.4:15). I think about Jesus experiencing, temptation, pain, victory, heartbreak, fear, angers, love, and the list can go on. He experienced it all, making him the perfect mediator who can relate to us his creation.  He made Himself nothing, of no reputation for you and me. He did this so that we can be saved in this world and in the next as we have the opportunity to spend eternity with Him. King Saul had opportunity to turn things around but his sin got in the way. Jesus went from royalty to servant hood to return to royalty and victory.

As you read this simple message take heart and don’t allow you reputation to get in the way of your relationship with God. Our opinion and the opinion of others are divisive elements that can squelch relationship with God. It can blind you from all that Jesus did and what he wants for your future. Can you today, let go of position, title, or the fan fair, and be ok knowing, serving, and fulfilling Gods purposes.

Jesus submitted, surrendered, and saved the world. Who or what does he want you to do today? It may change the world of one person.

Pastor Dave


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