Life Lesson #5: “Bullies”

Have you ever been threatened by someone? A co-worker, neighbor, or family member? As a child were you ever fearful to go to school because of a bully? Someone who’s insecurities and issues would be taken out on others. Throughout the year, I can recall certain people who were a definite struggle for me. In today’s lesson from God’s Word we find Hezekiah being threatened by the Sennacherib, the King of Assyria (2 Chron. 32). In our previous Life Lesson we find Hezekiah taking the throne, unlike his father he begins his rule by prioritizing God. The temple gets cleaned out, the priests got cleaned up, and the people were led back to God. In addition to all the idol worship and places of worship the “high places” were taken down. It seemed as if all the steps Hezekiah took prospered.
Then came an unexpected tsunami, Sennacherib invades Judah. He begins by threatening and instilling fear amongst the people, he does so by instilling doubt, disbelief, and decent ion. He boasts about himself and all his accomplishments, he tells the people, “When Hezekiah says “the Lord our God will save us from the the hand of the King of Assyria he is misleading you, to let you die of hunger and thirst.” He even goes to the point of mocking God by saying, “How can your God deliver you from my hand?”
How can someone battle such threats and fears? How do you fight back when confronted by such a great adversary? We can learn a few points from Hezekiah’s example. We should begin by “Examining” ourselves before God. Are we confident in who our God is? Hezekiah heard what was going on and could see the threat, but he turned to God. We should also “Surround” ourselves with encourager’s, people of faith who can stand along with us. Hezekiah and the Prophet Isaiah called out to the Lord in heaven about this together. Another powerful lesson it to “Acknowledge” the lies, threats, and fear tactics for what are meaningless words. They don’t define who you are, the only way they can is if we let them. Finally, “Lean” on God for the victory, the current may seem overwhelming, the circumstance seem hopeless, but God can make a way. Sennacherib was defeated as the Lord won the battle.
Hezekiah did his part by relying on God and not all his successes. He knew to resist the chatter and believe only in God’s strength and ability, and because of this he prospered. “In everything that he undertook in the service of God’s temple and in obedience to the law and the commands, he sought his God and worked wholeheartedly. And so he prospered.” (2 Chronicles 31:21)


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