contentment-342x256Why does is seem as though we are never satisfied with where we are in life, we are always striving and thriving to have more, to be more unique, and to main more acceptance. I am unsure if this is predominantly a western philosophy or if its a human nature issue. When was the last time we took more than a day or week to enjoy and be thankful for the life we have, the place we live, the place we work, and the simple things we take for granted. A dear neighbor of mine once told me the story of his family and his neighbors who all worked for a local company. In his story he noted that he and many of his friends worked there for 25-40 years almost a lifetime spent doing the same job. He said that they were happy earning money to live a good stable life. He also noted that many of the younger generations that came in to the company were there for a short amount of time but they seemed to always want to move on. As I reflect upon my life I see signs of that mindset in me over the years, but I finally came to a point of enjoying the season of life I was in. I can look to the future and dream and seek fresh vision but I don’t want to be seeking the unknown of the future and miss out on the life and experiences that are right in front of me. As you ponder these thoughts and you consider the frustrations that you may be experiencing in your family, job, or current state in life take a moment and consider all that you can be thankful for. Reflect upon the lives of others you may know and the challenges that you have seen them go through and pray for them. Enjoy the moment and be content you may then find yourself with a richer life and future.


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