“Overwhelmed with Anxious Thoughts”

MP900227506A young child asked once can you pray for me? I then ask what can I pray for you about? he then replied that my parents won’t ground me for a month because I didn’t study for my spelling test. I chuckled a bit as this little person was so anxious about the up in coming potential grounding and punishment. A week followed and I asked the young person how things went and he stated, his parent just told him to do better next time. Have you ever felt like this young child entertaining thoughts of what could happen in a situation or circumstance. An individual was getting ready for an up incoming surgery and the few days prior to the procedure he researched the details of the surgery process to see what he would be going through with the result being increased stress level and blood pressure. As I reflect upon both of these examples I find that it is so easy to assume or hear a potential prognosis of a situation and think the worst. We many times will turn to God in time like these and others as we ask others to pray but then allow anxious thoughts to overwhelm and at times even cripple us from doing anything.  The next time, we look down the telescope of uncertaintly take some time and look to God, consume your mind with things that bring life, encouragement, and stir faith. Some read the scriptures and find all of Gods promises and they hold on to them, others may play thought inspiring music or worship, or empowering messages, while others spend time with supporting relationships.  When  the flood of emotions overwhelms you and you feel anxious follow the Psalmists example when he prayed “Search me, O God, and know my heart; test me and know my anxious thoughts” (Psalm 139:23).  Join me today an give your anxious thoughts to God for only He knows what the true outcome will be and He can give the strength to overcome.


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