A Change of Pace

3697d9137d35797dcd3da7ebcf192835How does someone define passion for life? There are plenty of resources available to us today that can help bring direction and help, but when you are experiencing disillusionment and despair few self-help books or even encouraging words will instill passion. However, people who are willing to listen, invest, and partner with someone can truly bring change and renew passion for life. God interrupts our lives everyday with opportunities to add value to another person’s life. A number of months ago I had someone add value to my life in a unique way. I was confronted with some health concerns and I was frustrated to say the least. One evening my son had an exercise group entitled True AP that he needed to attend. As I sat in the gym I started to think how as a parent we encourage our children to be disciplined with their health so that they can perform and excel at sports, but as parents we don’t set a standard of good health. While waiting for my son’s class to start I started to see a lot of adults enter for the adult class that was getting ready to beginning. As they entered I was surprised to see a few couples that I knew from the community. Without a thought they made it a point to add value to my life. They asked if I would be joining the True AP challenge for adults, and although  I was hesitant the consistent encouragement convinced me to commit the challeng. The first week was tough but each time I arrived someone invested and challenged me to push through the skill. As the weeks progressed I found myself excelling and improving at the goal of getting healthier. Passion was rekindled as people simply listened, invested and partnered with me. This new pace for my life has been exciting as it has started changing my life and that of my family. As you embark upon your day today ask yourself how you can add value to someone’s life today. God may use you to interrupt someone’s life and bring change and transformation. It may cost you but it will be worth it in the long run.

“To add value to others, one must first value others.” (John C Maxwell)



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