“Planning for 2016”

15590_Let_Go_&_Let_GodLooking at 2016, I think of the many resolutions, hopes and goals that can be set for the future year. In the vastness of the world that I live in I must ask what is my part and role in expanding Gods Kingdom. There are so many self help concepts and opinions to motivate direction and goal setting. For example, I can follow the 5 steps to a better future or maybe the 12 steps to a better me but it would seem that though those resources can be beneficial in goal setting the important factor would be what is God’s plan for me now. It would seem as though we live for the future plan and miss the life we can live now. I am not saying that we should not study to show ourselves approved nor am I saying that we should not have goals for the future but lets not miss the opportunity to enjoy life today by encountering God today, and listening for His voice today. If we could disconnect for a moment from the latest media source and app for a time to be still, listen and talk to God. This and only this can be the life changing act that can give strength, peace, revelation, and direction to our lives in this new year. Prior to committing to any new discipline, cause, or plan take time daily to see what God has planned for you that may be uniquely and specifically set aside for you in this new year. This act of self care has the potential to truly empower us to touch lives and expand Gods kingdom today. When the wise men came from a far in search for the promised child they sought, studied and followed a star and met with the promised child “Emmanuel” God with us. The shepherds that were tending their sheep did not know that God would be born that day but God in His infinite power, knowledge and understanding had a plan that would change the world as we know it for all eternity. God still today, knows more than we do, in all our advances in sciences and technologies combined for His knowledge is infinite and yet he includes us in His plans and He loves us. ¬†Take time and seek Him for the plan for your life today and He will meet you and guide you.


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